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The confidence, the resources, and his expertise is just admirable.

I have retained Mr. John Iannuzi twice in my lifetime. All I can say is OUTSTANDING! I would consider John one of those attorney’s who doesn’t need any introductions. His stoic presence and demeanor alone will make the prosecution bring their A-game.

Both professionally and personally, I would recommend John Iannuzi and his beloved Son, Nicholas Iannuzi because they are experts in the field. They know what they are talking about as well as have a vast background as criminal defense attorneys. I’ve witnessed on two occasions where a city dignitary and a “high profile attorney” have contacted him for advice and a direction for defense on case. Expertise just pours out of this man’s lips. The confidence, the resources, and his expertise is just admirable.

I’ve read past reviews many have left, let my personal account be the deciding factor to retain John’s services. First, no one would hire an attorney when nothing is wrong. That’s not realistic. We retain attorneys when our behinds are in trouble, agree? Now on both instances in 2009 and 2015, John Iannuzi ESQ has pulled my behind out of the fire unscathed. No jail or prison time, no felonies and no community service. My last time I have retained him I was only subjected to do probation based on the nature of the case.

However, having said that. John is the “man with the master plan” who is willing to work with you and sit down with you personally as well as professionally to plan the right path for your defense for your situation.

Quality, expertise, fairness, and results. This is what you will receive with John Iannuzi. I pray good health and prosperity to his firm and his family for the years to come. Pretty soon I will retain him again for future help on my probation hearing. If you can’t remember anything that I stated early, just remember this phrase: “CAN’T GO WRONG WITH JOHN.”

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.