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Being accused of the killing of another person is the most serious of all crimes you can face. A conviction can result in a lifetime prison sentence without the possibility of parole. At the Law Offices of Iannuzzi and Iannuzzi, our firm has arguably handled more homicide cases than any other in the State of New York.

If you or a loved one is being investigated for a homicide or has already been charged, our firm is ready to fight for you. We are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to provide high-quality and knowledgeable legal assistance. As a law firm that has existed since 1930, we provide outstanding and reputable legal representation that includes extensive trial experience in both state and federal courts. Few firms can compare with the qualifications we present for helping anyone accused of a homicide, whether intentional or unintentional.

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Homicide, Murder, & Manslaughter Charges in New York

The word homicide is often used interchangeably with murder. However, these two terms carry different meanings.

In fact, several different terms are related to the killing of another as follows:

  • Homicide: the killing of another, whether intentional or unintentional
  • Murder: the intentional killing of another, as in first-degree, felony murder, and second-degree
  • Manslaughter: both voluntary in which seriously physical harm was intended that ended in death and involuntary in which it was not intended but still resulted in death
  • Vehicular manslaughter: in which you kill someone with your vehicle, such as in a drunk driving accident
  • Criminally negligent homicide: in which you cause the death of another through criminal negligence or recklessness

The crime of murder can be charged as first- or second-degree. First-degree murder occurs when you intentionally kill a police officer, judge, fire fighter, or some other public servant such as first responders. Second-degree murder occurs when you intentionally kill anyone else. Felony murder occurs as “murder by extension,” when, in the commission of another felony such as robbery or arson, someone is killed. Aggravated murder can also apply in the killing of a police officer or other public person while doing his or her duty or the killing of someone under the age of 14 while acting in a cruel and wanton way.

Unintentional Homicide

Involuntary manslaughter is defined as an unintentional killing that results either from negligence or a low-level criminal act such as a misdemeanor. Involuntary manslaughter is distinguished from other forms of homicide because it does not require deliberation or premeditation, or intent.

Murder, Manslaughter, and Homicide Penalties

All of the above charges constitute a felony which will be charged as a Class A, B, C, or D depending on the nature of the offense. Felony convictions in New York can entail years in prison, life in prison, or life in prison with the possibility of parole. You may also be subject to heavy fines as well as lengthy probation as well as a civil lawsuit for wrongful death.

First degree manslaughter in New York:

  • Charged as a Class B felony offense
  • Facing up to 25-years in prison

Experienced Legal Representation is Imperative

When facing this most serious of all crimes, it is essential that you hire the most experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney available. The Law Offices of Iannuzzi and Iannuzzi are prepared to handle homicide and murder cases in New York and New Jersey, from exhaustive investigation to trial preparation to negotiating for favorable plea bargains, reduced charges, or sentencing. You can count on our fierce advocacy and effective legal strategies in helping you achieve the best possible outcome.

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