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New York and federal law enforcement officials take forfeiture very seriously. Although the main task of prosecutors is to punish defendants for the crimes they committed, they also attempt to seize assets such as vehicles, properties, weapons, and even cash that was obtained from alleged criminal activity.

Our New York forfeiture attorneys at the Law Offices of Iannuzzi and Iannuzzi are experienced and familiar with both federal and state claims of forfeiture. We have successfully fought cases involving millions of dollars up and down all the coastlines and borders of the United States, as well as within the States. Our firm can challenge the circumstances by which your property was seized and obtain a more favorable outcome for you. We may even be able to have your property returned to you.

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Forfeiture Defined

A person’s property, whether it be real estate (a home) or personal property (money or other personal belongings) can be subject to being forfeited to the government after a person is convicted of a crime. Many times, law enforcement seeks to seize and confiscate currency [money] from individuals on a claim that the currency is the proceeds of illegal activity or money laundering. You, or someone you know, may not even be arrested, but the currency is seized and the government may seek to confiscate that currency through forfeiture.

In order to seize property, state or federal law enforcement officials must first establish probable cause that the property is forfeitable. Rather than proof beyond a reasonable doubt, a forfeiture can be proven by a preponderance of the evidence, which means it is more than likely (more than 50 percent) that the asset or property was gain through illegal activity or involved in committing a criminal act.

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The initial stages of a forfeiture investigation are extremely important. Our New York forfeiture defense attorneys know how to navigate through the process.

No one in whose property is subject to forfeiture must answer questions, speak, sign or initial anything. If you are facing possible forfeiture, you must seek experienced and knowledgeable counsel.

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