The idea of Pre-Destination is absurd!

            The very concept of a true God, all good, all knowing, all kind, all everything, by another name, simply ALL, eo instanti, eliminates the possibility that ALL would create certain beings to be ‘elected’ or saved as good and worthy, capable of accepting grace, and others only to be ‘damned’ because they are ignorant, incapable of understanding or accepting grace      

Since God created both the elect and the damned, do not both existences have equality of creation? Are they not, then, equal. But different in the created purpose?

            What is the purpose of creating something unworthy, only to declare the same to be unworthy – which were purposely formed precisely as such – for the very purpose of condemnation because of unworthiness?

            Even if God could, would true God create a being in order, specifically, to damn that creation to punishment?

            Punishment is the infliction of deprivation because of some transgression. Since the damned committed no transgression, but were created precisely as they are for the sole purpose of being damned, such punishment – just as reward for those created to be the elect – would not be just or justified.

            God cannot be unjust!