Don’t Worry – Be Happy

I remember when I would go to Madison Square Garden with my father on Friday nights, ‘fight night’, where all the elite would meet – not arriving until the third or fourth bout, elegantly late.  By the time the main event was up, the smoke had filled the entire upper reaches of the Garden, and were still descending.

Nowadays, you go to Yankee Stadium, an open, outdoor  ball park and there is no smoking permitted. If someone was foolish enough to light up a cigarette, the closest security person would come over to admonish them that smoking was not permitted in this open air arena.

Go to any office building these days, and skulking near the doorways – outside in the open, of course – are coveys of smokers, having been banished to the out of doors, by there outraged co-workers – you don’t even have to ask why – because second hand smoke is just as dangerous to your health as  if you were sucking on the cheroot yourself.

Now I am not in favor of smoking or smokers. However, in the interest of reality, I am reporting to oyou that no less a group than the World Health Organization has conducted a major

Now, no less a group than the World Helth Organization has conducted a major study – and bear in mind, to date, World Health has taken strong stands aginst smoking – the results of which show that there is no scientific proof that substantiates that second hand smoke causes cancer.

Apparently, World Health monitored 2000 people in various European countries – Europeans, by the way, smoke like crazy – and have found that even in situations where people work or live in close prosimity to second hand smoking on a regular basis, the risk of cancer is statistically insignificant vis a vis non smokers or a non smoking envoironment.

Indeed, the risk of cancer from consuming fruit juice