Keod McCaudif Smith

Keod McCaudif Smith

Keod McCaudif Smith • Of Counsel

Mr.Smith was born in Nassau, Bahamas and was called to The Bahamas Bar as a Barrister in September 1997 after having obtained his LLB Degree with Honours at University of Wales, Cardiff Law School in Wales, UK in 1994. He also had legal vocational training in The Bahamas during the intervening years and a well-established law firm in The Bahamas. Mr. Smith had previously graduated from Loras College, Dubuque Iowa USA in 1988 with a Bachelors Degree in Economics.

After serving a small stint with the Research Division of the Central Bank of The Bahamas, he started a trade and investment consulting firm in relation to The Bahamas which took him to Japan for two years commencing in the 1990s. He reads. writes, and speaks Japanese.

In October 1997, Mr. Smith started the law firm of Commercial Law Advocates which, as it connotes, specializes in commercial litigation (banking, companies, contract, insurance, land, liquidation, securities, tort), as well as extradition and constitutional matters.

In May 2002, he was elected to The Bahamas Parliament where he served as a Member for five years. In August of that same year, he was appointed to the Chairmanship of the Bahamas Environment Science & Technology (BES1) Commission (equivalent to the BPA in the USA), as well as serving as the Bahamas Ambassador for the Environment. He served in that post for five years as well.

Mr. Smith is married with four children.