Violent Crimes

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Violent Crimes Attorney In New York

Violent crimes are considered the worst criminal offenses in both Federal and State courts, and Law Offices of Iannuzzi and Iannuzzi have experience in this arena. A crime is considered “violent” when it involves physical harm to another person, or even the threat or attempt to do harm. These cases can be very involved, and extremely serious, so having legal representation is important. Learn more about our legal services for this type of crime below, and contact our office to find out more information.

Violent Crime Defined

Murder, robbery, assault, battery, and rape are examples of what constitutes a violent crime. These crimes are usually directed at a specific individual or group, and often involve crimes in which weapons are threatened to be used or are actually used.

If you or anyone you know is charged with a violent crime, having an experienced violent crimes attorney representing you is very important. Contact us any time, day or night, and we're here for you.

Our Legal Assistance

Punishments for violent crimes can be very severe. If you or someone you know is are charged with any type of violent crime, the help of an experienced and effective criminal defense attorney is important. Our knowledgeable lawyers will advocate passionately on your behalf. Unlike many other criminal attorneys, we will always treat your case as top priority. Nothing is more important to our law firm than preserving and protecting your freedom.

Our firm has extensive experience handling cases where violent crimes are charged. We will strive to secure the lowest charge and the smallest sentence available under law. Contact us today for assistance.

Important Information

If you or someone you know is arrested for a violent crime, it is crucial that they know while in custody they should not speak, initial, or sign anything. Do not answer questions without your lawyer present.

As soon as the chance is available, a lawyer should be contacted.

Any mistakes in this type of a case can be critical. The experienced violent crimes attorneys / criminal defense lawyers at Iannuzzi and Iannuzzi analyze every detail and use every defense to fight for your rights.
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