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Help With Arrests In New York

The Law Offices of Iannuzzi and Iannuzzi are pleased to provide you with this page, designed to be a resource for help with arrests. If you or someone you know has been arrested or charged with a crime, please review the information below to learn more about what you should and should not do to protect yourself. We recommend you contact our office as soon as you possibly can, so that we have the best chance of protecting your rights, and advocating on your behalf.

If You Are The One Arrested

Please note, that if you are arrested, you do not have to answer questions, and you don't have to sign, or initial anything! You may refuse to take a breath or chemical test until you speak to your lawyer. Advise the police officer or detective that you do not wish to answer any questions; that you wish to contact a lawyer or your family.

You can change lawyers, so call Iannuzzi and Iannuzzi at 212-227-9595 and a live person will help you – any time of the day or night, any day of the year. We're here for you.

If you are permitted to call your family, tell them:
  • Where you are being held
  • The name of the police department
  • What you are being accused of

Tell your family or friends to call our office for help immediately.

Police do not have to ‘‘give you your rights’’, and their failure to do so does not invalidate an arrest.

The police only have to give you your rights if they wish to question you. If they do wish to ask you questions, it is then that the police have to advise you that anything you say may be used against you, and that you do not have to answer questions.

If you were already before the court, being represented by a lawyer provided by the court, you do not have to continue to use that lawyer.

While it would have been better to have had your own lawyer when you first appeared in court, it is more important to retain a lawyer dedicated to your case, a hard fighting lawyer, as early in the case as possible to protect your interests.

For more information, look at those portions of our web site under FAQS to find out more about the arrest procedures to be followed by the police or the next steps that are likely to occur during your case.

Do not feel obligated to stay with the lawyer who helps you the first night.
Do not sign a long term retainer. 

Any legal fee for standing in at arraignment should either be a flat fee or should be hourly. Most Criminal Defense Attorneys will charge between $150-$350 per hour. It will cost more in many big cities or urban areas. For example, many well known NY lawyers charge upward of $600 per hour.

When it comes to your rights, and it comes to your freedom, leave nothing to chance. Call Iannuzzi and Iannuzzi at 212-227-9595 and a live person will help you. We are always available for those in need. The sooner we can get in and help you, the easier things become for you.

What You Should Know About Criminal Charges

These are some terms you may here when it comes to criminal charges, along with an explanation of what they mean:

DESK APPEARANCE TICKET [No Police Detention] – very minor crimes and most traffic violations may result in a Desk Appearance Ticket (DAT) which, like a traffic summons, permits the person to whom the DAT or Summons is issued to go home, to appear in Court on a future date.

ARREST AND DETENTION – when someone is arrested, however, for a more serious crime, and are detained by the police, they must go through the Criminal Justice System.

In New York City, that means that the person arrested is brought to CENTRAL BOOKING, [see Important Phone Numbers for contact] where they are processed, fingerprinted, and detained until it is time to appear in court.

Outside of New York City, the person may be detained at the police precinct or local jail while they are being processed or the police are awaiting finger print results.

*** Despite what police officers or court personnel in New York City may tell you, processing through the system ordinarily takes approximately 24 hours. In other locations, outside the City of New York, the procedure may take less time. But waiting is part of the procedure. Don’t become alarmed as the time passes. It’s normal.

ARREST NUMBER – While in Central Booking, a person is assigned an arrest number. This is the number by which the authorities keep track of the arrested person. Once the person is brought before the court, this Arrest Number is no longer used. You can find out the Arrest Number by calling Central Booking. See the page of Important Numbers to find the phone number for Central Booking.

CASE or DOCKET NUMBER – After charges are drawn up by the Prosecutor’s Office, the case is assigned a case number or docket number. After being printed, the case paperwork is transferred to a court room or Arraignment Part where the person arrested eventually is brought before a Judge. This CASE NUMBER can be ascertained from the Court Clerk. See the List of Important Numbers to find the phone number for the Clerk’s Office.

BOOK and CASE NUMBER [for people detained] – in New York City, if a person remains in jail, does not make bail, they are brought to on Riker’s Island. To find a person on Rikers Island and to find out the visiting schedule for such person, you must know the arrested person’s BOOK and CASE NUMBER. This Arrest Number can be ascertained from the Department of Correction. See the page of Important Numbers to find the phone number for the Department of Corrections.

Helping Someone Who Was Arrested

Here are some things you can do if someone you know has been arrested:

Ask the detective or police officer that notifies you of the arrest:
  • Where the person is being held
  • The name of the police department
  • What they are being accused of
If the person arrested calls to tell you they are under arrest ask them the questions listed above, but do not ask or let the person explain any details over the phone. The call is not privileged, and is probably being listened to or recorded. Anything the person says could be used later as evidence.

Call Iannuzzi and Iannuzzi at 212-227-9595 and a live person will help you any time of the day or night, any day of the year.

Tell the arrested person that you are getting them a lawyer, and ask them NOT TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS; NOT TO SIGN ANYTHING OR TAKE ANY TESTS until one of our lawyers arrive.

After we speak to you, our lawyer will immediately call the police agency where the person is being held and stop the officers from questioning them until a lawyer is at their side.

Important Numbers In Case of Arres Central Bookings & Police Departments

Each Borough in the City of New York has its own Central Booking location, Central Booking phone number, and its own Criminal Court Clerk’s Office.

Manhattan Central Booking – Phone (212) 374-3921
New York County (Manhattan) Criminal Court– Clerk’s Office -Phone (646) 386-4511
Court Location -100 Centre Street (3 blocks south of Canal Street), Manhattan.

Bronx Central Booking – Phone (718) 590-2817
Bronx County Criminal Court – Clerk’s Office (718) 590-2980
Court Location – 215 East 161st Street, Bronx – 2 blocks east of Grand Concourse

Brooklyn Central Booking – Phone Number (718) 834-5318
Kings County (Brooklyn) Criminal Court, Clerk’s Office – (718) 643-5675
Court Location – 120 Schermerhorn Street (near Borough Hall) – Brooklyn.

Queens Central Booking – Phone Number (718) 268-4523
Queens County Criminal Court, Clerk’s Office – (718) 298-0792
Court Location – 125-01 Queens Blvd (near Hoover Avenue and 82nd Avenue).

Staten Island Central Booking – Phone Number (718) 876-8493
Richmond County (Staten Island) Criminal Court, Clerk’s Office – (718) 390-8400
Note: On weekends, call the Brooklyn Arraignment Office – (718) 643-5675  Ext. 67
Court Location – Targee Street (between Frean and Purroy Streets), Staten Island.

Nassau County Police Headquarters – Phone – (516) 573-7000
Nassau County District Court, Clerk’s Office – (516) 571-2200
Court Location – 99 Main Street Hempstead NY across from the Hempstead bus station. If the person is arrested after 2pm but before 1am, Call IANNUZZI and IANNUZZI. A Lawyer may be able to arrange for a Judges bail if the court is so inclined to grant the bail.

Suffolk County – There is no central County holding area. Additionally Suffolk does not have 24 hour arraignments. Assuming the arrested person’s case has already been processed, you can call any precinct and the Desk Officer may look up the information on a computer. Precincts telephone numbers are: First Pct.631-854-8100; Second : 631-854-8200; Third : 631-854-8300; Fourth: 631-854- 8400; Fifth: 631-854-8500; Sixth: 631-854-8600; and, Seventh: 631-854-8700.
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